1071 N. Tamiami Trail    Nokomis, FL    (941) 488-3775
Saltwater Café
Fabulous Seafood And So Much More!
Some restaurants exceed our expectations, and that’s what keeps us coming back. Sally and her friends keep coming back to Saltwater Café in Nokomis for that very reason. Here is a restaurant and an owner that showcases absolute mastery in the art of cooking seafood. Talk to Chef Rolf, and you soon realize that this man has a world-class knowledge of the great choices from the sea and how to prepare them.
What we like about it is the fantastic variety all of that produces. The Saltwater Café has over 300 menu items. When Sally is there with her friends there is something for everybody, and that even includes wonderful entrees in the beef department. Here’s a seafood restaurant with the best steaks--all natural black Angus beef! Surprisingly, you will also find some of our area’s best pizzas on the menu.
Sally and The Companion love to enjoy their summer special menu for two for $39.95, which is three-course fine dining, complete with a bottle of wine—which, by the way, Saltwater Café has a fully-stocked wine cellar. Sally and her friends have enjoyed more than one happy hour at their popular bar.
Tonight, however, we decided to order off the regular menu, but in keeping with the cozy, dinner-for-two spirit, we agreed to share our food with each other. What a treat! We started with the Ahi Tuna, and then on to Duck A L’Orange and Steak Over Mashed while we relaxed, took our time, and savored the beautiful meal, relaxing conversation, and a bottle of wine. We were so tempted by the mouth watering-desserts, too, but just couldn’t make room.
Let’s face it, Florida is loaded with good seafood restaurants—as well it should be. But right here, in the Sarasota area, we have the very best. Saltwater Café, a family restaurant, created by a family with a passion for great seafood is our very own treasure. Isn’t that the way it is, living here? We have so much to be thankful for in this community.
As The Companion and I left that wonderful restaurant, we looked at the many smiling faces who are Chef Rolf’s customers—who keep coming back time and time again.
Saltwater Cafe
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Saltwater Cafe
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