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WEEK OF April 20, 2018 
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Sarasota Sally is not an advertising agency. I do this because I love good food and we have some great local restaurants that are owned and operated by local people that deserve to be supported and that's what I'm trying to do.  These restaurants do not have the huge advertising budgets that the national chains have but what they do have is fantastic food made with fresh ingredients. 
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Drunken Poet Cafe
1st Annual Wine Tasting Dinner
Wednesday May 16th
Reservations Recommended
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Goodfellas Cafe & Winery Every Tuesday
Join Sally at The Public House.
I was very impressed with the food when I went and I want you all to enjoy it too.  Great Hamburgers, Philly Cheese Steaks, Beer Bratwurst, Duck Rubens and Pizza are just some of the great choices.
10% off your check for those who join me.
Great Happy Hour all night long.
  On Tuesday

April 24th at 6:30 pm

Sally will be going to -

The Public House Tap & Grill 

6240 Lockwood Ridge Rd,  Sarasota  34243     941-822-0795

in Parkview 8 Shopping Center

former location of theWhite Horse Pub

Please make your reservations now by emailing me at: sarasotasally@sarasotasally.com (reservations are required, please try to reserve you spot no later than Noon the day prior to the dinner)

When you send in your reservation please state how many people will be with you.  Also, give me a phone number so I can reach you if some last minute problem comes up at the restaurant (rare) and let me know your name and the name of everyone coming with you so that my records for the dinner are correct and I can start to get to know you.

Visit Chef Rolf and enjoy his great fish
at the Venice Seafood and Music Festival
Sat May 5 & Sun May 6, starts 11:00 am both days
Dutch Valley
Broasted Chicken Special Has Returned
Wednesday's only for a limited time! 
Mother's Day is May 13th
Sally Suggests you make your plans Now
Opa! Opa! Authentic Greek Restaurant
Try the Tomahawk Pork & Rib Eye Steaks
Serves Two or One very hungry person  
6525 Superior Ave, Sarasota 34231        941-927-1672